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  • Welcome to Playhouse Academy!
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  • Welcome to Playhouse Academy!
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Welcome to
Playhouse Academy

Playhouse Academy is a high-quality preschool in South Jakarta that aims to make learning meaningful and enjoyable for children. We welcome everyone into our fun learning environment where we guide and nurture your child’s character, moral and spiritual growth based on Christian values.

Our Mission

Playhouse Academy strives to:

  • Meet the emotional, social, cognitive, physical and spiritual needs of the whole child.
  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment in which a child can explore and discover through hands-on interaction.
  • Provide high quality and integrated learning opportunities that focuses on the uniqueness of each child.
  • Ensure that each child feels valued, loved and challenged to be their very best, with caring and highly-experienced educators.
  • Have an open communication with parents as partners in their child’s progress and development.

Creative Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on an emergent approach, focusing on the interests and interaction of the children.

Natural Learning

Learning areas are set up to support exploration and to imitate the natural world. (Reading Nook, Home Corner, Construction Area, Arts Centre, Sensory Bins, Pretend Play Area).

World Class Materials

Learning materials from Montessori and Froebel are used as gifts to support learning in important areas including sensorial, practical life, geography and cultural studies.

Supplementary Programs

Art & Craft

Art is an integral part of the daily activities at Playhouse Academy. A variety of craft materials and media are readily available for children to experiment independently or as a group. We put a strong emphasis on the process of expressing oneself creatively through art.


The Music program at Playhouse Academy teaches the basic elements of music in a fun way. Children are exposed to many different types of music so they develop an appreciation for a variety of musical styles. The hands-on music lessons promote personal enjoyment of music and interaction with peers. The elements of timbre, pitch, tempo, dynamics and rhythm are introduced within five areas of focus: listening, creativity, singing, music & movement and performing.

Physical Education

The PE and Gym sessions at Playhouse Academy promote the development of gross motor skills and team spirit. Children learn to be cooperative and show good sportsmanship through team games. Children participate in ball games, relay games and movement activities such as running, jumping, climbing, hopping, skipping, galloping and so on.


Children learn to plan and prepare delicious snacks during Cooking Sessions at Playhouse Academy. As they measure, mix ingredients, learn cooking terms and use kitchen equipment appropriately, they are learning to create something and solve problems along the way.


At Playhouse Academy, we aim to nurture your child’s love of books by having daily story telling, and weekly visits to the Library to develop early literacy skills. Children can borrow books from the library, as they learn to handle books with care.


Technology and interactive media are used as tools for effective learning to enhance children’s cognitive and social skills. They are used to support early childhood practice while integrating it into the environment, curriculum and daily routines.

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